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Joshua Muetzel (b. 1994) is a composer based in Miami, FL. His music regularly deals with nature and environmental issues and is characterized by intricately crafted textures, driving rhythmic grooves, and lush harmonies. His work represents a synthesis of different musical influences, including minimalism, spectralism, Caribbean music, jazz, metal, and film music. He composes for a large variety of ensembles both within and outside classical concert music. His output runs the gamut from works for concert band and string orchestra to percussion ensembles and eclectic chamber groupings, including music for hardcover books and open instrumentation quartets. His music has been read, recorded, and performed by artists including Arx Duo, Calefax Reed Quintet, pianist Danny Holt, NOW Ensemble, numerous university ensembles, and many classical soloists. His music has been recognized by The American Prize, The U.S. Naval Academy Band, the Black House Collective, and others.


A large amount of his creative output also includes works for steel bands and solo steel pan, his primary instrument. Josh has been a steel pan composer, performer, and educator for nearly a decade and is passionate about both (re)educating the general public about the history of the instrument and advocating for new music for the pan. His master's thesis, I'm With the Band: Cultural Education and Community Formation Within Steel Bands, investigated the seemingly inherent qualities of steel bands that promote community formation and growth. His steel band and steel pan music has been performed throughout the United States.

Josh is currently pursuing a D.M.A. in Composition from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. He holds an M.M. in Composition from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, and an M.A. in Performance Studies and a B.A. in Music from Texas A&M University. His principal instructors have been Sean Friar, Peter Lieuwen, Charles Norman Mason, Lansing McLoskey, and David Wilborn. His music is published by Arboretum Press, Boxfish Music Publishing, and Pan Ramajay Productions.

Josh is also a roller coaster enthusiast (coaster count 82), a LEGO collector, a coffee fan, and an ordained minister for all your wedding ceremony needs.

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