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Want some fresh, new music never-before-heard or performed? Want to support my career and my efforts? Consider commissioning me for a new work! Details are below. Please reach out and get in contact if you have any questions or wish to discuss collaborations.​

Below are my per-minute rates for new works. If you feel that you are unable to afford these rates but would still like a new piece from me, reach out and we can discuss it. I believe I deserve to be paid an appropriate wage for my work, but I also believe that a significant financial barrier shouldn't prevent new art from happening. Plus, I just love when people play my music!

Chamber Ensembles

One or two parts - $300

Three or four - $375

Five to eight - $450

Nine to fifteen - $550

Concert Band

Wind Ensemble - $550

Symphonic Band - $700

Stage Works

Stage works are more involved and will require more negotiations and discussion.


Chamber (up to 15 parts) - $550

Full orchestra (over 15) - $700




Concert Band

A cappella up to 7 parts - $375

A cappella 8 or more parts - $450

Stage Works

I feel this category is too vast and varied to be nailed down so easily, so please reach out to discuss!

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