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I Know of Nothing Else but Miracles

for trombone choir or low brass ensemble

I wrote I Know of Nothing Else but Miracles as I reflected upon my experiences during the pandemic that began in 2020. Forced into a new way of life, I began to appreciate everything around me more than I previously had. I found such beauty in both the simplicity and complexity of my surroundings and marveled at everything from the craftsmanship of a sweater I wore to the wind passing through the leaves of a tree. Everything took on new meaning. The title of the work is taken from Walt Whitman's poem "Miracles" in which he considers everything in his life, and truly everything in existence, to be a miracle, appreciating the gift of life and the beauty of it. After all, what greater miracle is there than life itself?

Recording by the University of Wisconsin - Madison Low Brass.

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