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for viola and piano

Night is a sonic exploration of thoughts about nighttime. On the whole, I love the night: the atmosphere is quiet as many people retire indoors and go to sleep; shining, shimmering lights turn on all over; and the sky above is dotted with twinkling stars. It is a peaceful time when I feel I can compose and find some time to relax. Nights are full of melancholic beauty. On the other hand, night (and darkness in general) has historically been a time that is uncertain, unsettling, or even frightening for humans. The darkness can obscure the truth and even create non-truths in the form of hallucinations. Night mostly deals with the former, usually moments of melancholy and relief, but with moments throughout (and especially at the end) that represent the more uncertain aspects of nighttime.

Recording by Ash Mach and Jackson Grace.

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