Copy of Shoot the Breeze.png

Shoot the Breeze

for steel band

Piece for steel band. Inspired by relaxing with friends and loved ones, enjoying life and passing the time.

Azurean Odyssey

for string orchestra

Piece for string orchestra. Inspired by wide open skies, flight, and the adventure that lies in the wild blue yonder.

Copy of Azurean Odyssey.png
Copy of Deep Black Sea.png

Deep Black Sea

for trombone ensemble

Piece for trombone ensemble. Inspired by the mystery and beauty of the seas, from the sparkling surface to the dark, unknown depths below.

Memories of an Ashen Kingdom

for orchestra

Piece for orchestra. Musical depictions of scenes from a kingdom that is no more. Victorious battles, desolate defeats, joyous parties and romantic encounters.

Copy of Ashen Kingdom.png